Erasmus Student Network AISBL is an international non-profit student association founded in 1990 by former internationally mobile students on the initiative of the Erasmus Bureau of the European Community, whose main objective is to represent the interests of internationally mobile students.

ESN operates at three levels: international, national and local and, at the moment, has more than 500 sections in 38 countries with over 15,000 active members working on a voluntary basis, providing services to about 150,000 Erasmus students and beyond.

The ESN sections work according to the principle of "Students helping students", in order to help mobile students to get the most out of their study or internship experience abroad.

The sections provide support to both incoming and outgoing students.

Volunteers are mostly students who have gained international exchange experience and want to make their own experiences available, or students who are close to having an international exchange experience and who through work within the association can acquire useful skills to better enjoy the experience of studying abroad, even in countries with a very different cultural and social background from their own.

At an international level, ESN promotes European student mobility by interfacing with the major institutions of the European Union.